Monday, November 2, 2009

I am grateful for family, friends and a great job!

Fred and I decided to have a fire in our pit. We enjoy sitting out on the patio and doing nothing but pretending we are in the mountains... It is October and we have our flip flops on and a nice cozy fire going! What more can you ask for.. We have enjoyed our fire pit thanks to Riley and Amy. I have been working alot and thinking about how grateful I am to have such a wonderful job. It is nice to fly with friends and it's fun to meet new friends. there are alot of interesting people out there in this big world. Some are nice, some are ornery and some are fun to visit with. Texas is one of my favorite states to fly in and out of. You meet alot of nice people with a cute southern drawl. The East coast people are a different breed of people. They can be very sharp tongue, rude and to the point. West coast people is all about them. One ice cube or no ice at all in their drinks, plus they all want two at one time.. It is very funny to fly into so many different states and enjoy each one for something different. I am going to try to be better at carrying my camera with me and taking more pictures. I hope everyone has a wonderful season and can be more grateful for the little things that we enjoy each day. I know I am going to try and be alittle more grateful. I have a wonderful family and great friends and I enjoy each and everyone of them. Happy November and remember you are always welcomed at "NANAS"

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