Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

I hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I enjoyed seeing all the little spooks and goblins visit Grandma Beck's house. Since, I live away we go to Grandma's for homemade chili. It is really fun. Brixton was a monkey and Kaizlee was a pea in a pod...They were both darling if I say so myself. Abbey was a bee. She was so happy and she loves her Grandpa Ross.. Kayden showed up earlier and of course my camera needed new batteries. I didn't get his picture but did get to see him dressed up like a cowboy!! I miss the days of getting the kids all dressed up for Halloween and taking them out. I remember how they all loved it and would get so excited. Now days they do the trunk or treat which is a good idea. I think all the little spooks enjoy! Brixton was having fun waiting for all the visitors to ring the door bell.

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